Our expertise in contract negotiation allows us to reach realistic objectives while defining the contributions that each party brings to the partnership.

New Practices

Laying the foundation: New practices need to be sure they are getting the best contract!

MYTH - A new practice has to accept the boiler plate contract because they have no room to ask for higher rates.

TRUTH - If you can provide the insurance company with information about the community you plan to serve, reference practices and show that relationships have been established, you can ask for better rate reimbursement.

Downey Medical has 18 years of experience representing new practices and physicians that decide to break away from group practices to start their own private practice. We do a complete financial review of projected business models to help you capture the higher paying contract.

Established Practices

We have not reviewed our contracts in years…does it really make a difference?

Myth-You assume your contracts rates are the rates you have to accept: Wouldn't the insurance company give me at least a FMV (Fair Market Value) increase?

Truth-After a review of contracts, we find that the practice has been paid at the same rate for years when they haven’t been represented by an established negotiator.

Downey Medical specializes in representing your both Facility/Non Facility & IPA’s for significantly higher return on the increase. Our Clients usually see a range from 5% to 15% increase depending on the size of the group, the specialty and distance you provide service.

Karen Downey and her team will represent your group or IPA directly in a one on one environment with the network managers for your State. She has established relationships throughout the United States and is well known as both local and national contractor. We represent our physicians in scheduled meetings with each commercial payer representative. We also will assist our clients with credentialing to ensure accurate data is connected to the contracts and to the appropriate physician owners.

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