Downey Medical Consultants assisted us in contract negotiations for our ASC and made a significant financial increase.
– Dr Rezaiamri, Specialty Neurosurgeon Georgia

Without Karen It would have been anonymous solo doctor against anonymous corporate business person. She is the fuel that explodes to make the parts of the engine move, and the lubricant to keep it running smoothly until the journey is complete. I plan to have her back every few years.

– David G Draughn, MD, FACS, RVT, RPVI, RPhS, Diplomate of the American Boards of Surgery and Venous and Lymphatic Medicine

Downey Medical Consultants negotiated my contracts and we experienced a large increase on all contracts:
– Radiology Florida

Karen Downey has a well known track record and significantly impacted our financial increase”
– Current President of ASIPP Dr Hans Hansen, North Carolina

DMC negotiated our large group IPA contract and we had a great result:
– Dr Mike Skaliy, Anethesia Pain Mngt Georgia

Not only did Karen bring our contracts up to date, but due to her extensive direct contacts with the insurance companies, the contract rates were well above what we would have negotiated on our own.
— Augusta Pain Center

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